Bob's Gander History
by  Robert G Pelley

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A special thank-you must be given to James Butler who has spent quite some time
collecting new genealogy infomation on families who have lived
on the Army side, in the railway area and in Macnamara's camp.

29 June 2020
Many well-known airlines used Gander as a commercial refuelling stop after the Second World War. One of the best known was Trans World Airlines. But the memories of that great organisation in general, and even more so in Gander, are slowly fading away.

The history of TWA (Trans World Airlines) in Gander Newfoundland

23 Sept 2020
In our modern world, we have tramways, monorails, metros and commuters trains.  Nowadays, cars are  electric and hybride. They can guide you in great comfort with a built-GPS. Some even drive themselves.  But it wasn't quite like that in old Gander"

Local transportation in old Gander
29 Sept 2020
In "Old Gander", there could be 1400 to 1500 airplanes arriving and departing in a given month.  These aircraft needed to be cleaned, serviced and often repaired before contining on. Sometimes passenger had to be sent out on another airplane as the first was held over for repairs up to and including a complete engine change.  Who did all this?

Allied Aviation in "Old Gander"
28 Oct 2020
Early Gander's wartime and peacetime "Aeradio" connected Gander to trans-Alantic aircraft and to aircraft control in centain other places.  For a long period, a midnight meal was supplied to on-duty staff  by the Eastbound Inn. But Aeradio moved around. We have obtained an example of "midnight meal tickets" used in those new areas. The mystery is to figure out in which building Aeradio was operating when these particular tickets were used.

Midnight Meal Mystery
16 nov 2020
During the war years, Gander Lake was an important area for flying boats and seaplanes, both for local uses or those to transiting for example to Europe or Russia.   This aviation activity on a large lake meant equally have a fair amount of nautical goings-on.
Wartime Gander Lake