Bob's Gander History -
                        Table of contents

1.  The Trepassey International Airport

2.  The Hall-Vatcher report

3.  Airport Construction  Photos

4.  Pre-war infight refuelling

5.  Two big black bears

6.  Cutting edge illumination

7. Denver Post article about "Hatties Camp"

8. The first night flying in Gander

9. The first non-professionnal pilots in Gander- the amazing Wolfs

10. Foss Ave and the chap for whom it was named

12. An extremely interesting WWII Gander  « Parcel Card »

13. Documents related to the Officer commanding Ferry Command

14. Eyes and Ears of the Air - How You fly Safely Through Cloud

15. So what was a Hudson bomber really like?

16. The Hell's Angels  Gander Connection

17. Sparklub RAFTC Signal section

18. Gander 1956 - still a reference for spark plug ads

19. The Americans are coming - 1387 AAF Base Unit

20. Stars, Stripes, and Sacrifice - Remembering America’s War Dead

21. Don't forget the civilian pilots – Canadian Pacific involvement
22. RCAF Gander Christmas cards

23. From wartime RCAF Theatre to the civilian “Globe"

24. Gander Postal System during the War

25. Specialists with bugs and keys - the Morse code experts

      - Rolland Masse's story with VOAC
      - Gloria (Durham) Lindsay's story
      - Hazel (Bjornstad) Fausak's story 

26.  B-17s go to war - the Lakanuki story

27.  Henry Miles Carscallen - An RCAF officer in Gander

28.  Rare Gander Related Patch

29  Rare envelope from "Newfoundland Airport"

30.  Wartime Exploits of Squadron Leader N.E. “Molly” Small
31.  Trans-Atlantic ferry ops - Women Pilots?

32.  Playing in the snow in wartime Gander

33. "Mosla" and "Benzin" - Russian PBN flying boats in Gander

34. First Gander Tower, Administration Building

35. Flying Office Adrian Ralph Taylor - From Gander to Normandy

36. Joe Gilmore :The only civilian in the Gander's Commonwealth Cemetery

37. Such were the times

38. A chap who loved guns - the highest-ranking machine-gunner in the
North Atlantic Squadron

39. Mr Goodyear would like to cut some wood

40. G/C Anderson spends Christmas with his son in the woods  - A Christmas rescue!

41.  The Star Theatre

42.  A Key to Gander history
43.  Early post-war history - a Collier's article

44.  Gander - The World’s Richest Airport

45.  First Gander civilians in an airplane accident
46.  From unifrom to suit: Gander becomes "civilized"

47.  The "first" new terminal - the official openingmystery.pdf

48.  The Queen's "visit"1953

49.  Postcards of the Gander terminal 40s and 50s

50. So who remembers the "Nobbly Boot"?

51. Pan American first flights outbound from Gander

52. Pan American first flights inbound to Gander

53. American Airlines first flights to and from Gander

54. Old Gander Airport in the movies

55. Mother Goose goes to Gander - Shell sends books

56. Gander boarding pass - Pan American

57. Walrus spotted on the shores of Gander Lake

58. BOAC employee gives Gander a five-month trial!

59. September 911 in Gander  - 1952
60. Alaskan aircraft in Gander - how to get things wrong!

61. Ground Controlled Approach in early Gander  -
A very serious game of hide-and-go-seek;
     - The general organization
     - The operations, the equipment, the people

62. Maureen O’Hara and the Gander Connection

64.  Shell Oil in old Gander

65. TCA in early Gander - Operations and First Day Covers .

66.  Airplane accidents and incidents in pre-1960's Gander

Sargeant Gander - First Day Cover

68.  Captain Douglas Cowan Fraser – aviation pioneer

69. Easter Provincial Airways – The missing part of the story

70. Civilian weather operations in Gander : from art to science

A non-stop trans-Atlantic passenger flight in 1947?  Unbelievable, but true

72. A Very Rare USAAF Gander Envelope

73. The different sectors of “Old Gander"

74. A Gander article on the SAS Scandinavian Traveler

75.  The American 8th Weather Squadron in Gander

76. Gander in 1946

77. When Gander was news - “The Aeroplane “ magazine 1949

78.  Crossroads of the World - Was it really the jets that killed Gander?

79. Who refuelled which airplanes in “Old Gander” ?

80. Imperal-Esso in old Gander

81. Another choice than a new terminal?

82. Bombers across

83. Gander terminal 1953

84. An unremarkable pick-up truck - but so very important to ramp operations in Old Gander

The Royal Bank of Canada in Gander

86.  Wartime cartoons

87. A Helping Hand from the RAF Welfare Fund

88. Rare souvenir - US Air Corps Newfoundland Airport

89. An unusual WWll Gander token

90. A plane load of brass

91. V-mail from Gander - and it wasn't voice mail!

92. A book report - 9/11 story for the younger set

93. Recycling in "Old Gander"

94. New York Times 1939-11-30

95. Hamilton Spectator 1940-04-30

96. Gander's Ground Observer Corps

97. EC-121 accident in Gander - Lots of lucky people

98. Construction in Gander over the years

99. When an aircraft near Nfld ran into trouble, it headed for  the safety of the runways of Gander Airport - or did it?

100. Censorship in Gander - WW2

101. The defense of Gander in World War 2

102. By Accident or Design?  A Case of Suspected Sabotage at Gander

A rare visit to GanderSwedish Air Lines

104. Keeping Gander clean - the old laundry and dry-cleaners  

When the RCAF took over Gander - what happened to the civilians?

106.  A race from Gander to New York!

107. Link trainers in Gander in World War Two

When Lady Luck Smiles: Gander's First Crash - Hudson T9446

109. Gander's last wartime crash

110. Cloth souvenirs of old Gander

111. The transition from war to peace 1945

112. A "Tourist Guide" to pre-Confederation Gander

Trans World Airways aids the Atlantic ferry effort

114. Seaboard and Western "Geneva Airtrader" goes off the runway

115. An Air France Constellation runs off a Gander runway

116. The history of Pan American World Airways in Gander

117. American commanding officers in Gander

"Yank" Magazine - Gander, Newfoundland

119.  Gander approach map

120. When times were simpler in "Old Gander"

121. An unsung Gander hero - Abner C Knee

122. Mechanical brain guides a plane across the Atlantic

123. A funny RAF "Novo" pump

124. An ode to Fleet Dtreet

125. Gander's Airport Club

126. Gander "First Day Cover" : Destroyers for Bases

128. Another Gander hero - from controlling airplanes to controlling lunar modules

129. On the Precipice of Change: Gander in May 1940

!30. The five hospitals in Old Gander

131. Two interesting bombers in Gander

132. Two long-forgotten Gander vehicles

133. DOT !952, Gander

134. DOT !953, Gander

135.  DOT !954, Gander

136. Who was really Gander's first post-war airport manager?

137. Electrical System in old Gander

138. USAAF Gander parcel sticker

139. Twin Ponds

140. A plane-seat mystery

141. Gander school kids knew how to save!

142. A B-17 Flying Fortress revisits Gander

143. The Opening of Gander’s Power House

144. Christmas in Old Gander

145. Farming in old Gander

146. The Gander refuelling puzzle

147.  The best place for flying boats - Gander Lake or Botwood?

148. The American Post Exchange in old Gander

149. If there was no railway, there'd be no Gander!

150. Rare Airline photo

151. Hudson ad - Information, propaganda or advertising?

152. Saturday Evening Post article - Gander

153. 1 Overseas Ferry Unit

154. An interesting WWll envelope

155. Checking the guard posts a wintery wartime day in Gander

156. The Banting crash - possible causes

157. Gander's oldest standing buildings

158. Taking care of "Old Gander's" transients

159. "Blackface" in Gander, World War two

160. Unusual Trans Canada Air Lines envelopes

161. Shell personnel in the mid 1950s

162. Ladies fashion in Gander 1946

163. Making bread in "Old Gander"

164. RAF Signals staff : the Newfs and the others

165. The First Commercial Jet to land in Gander

166. Avenger torpedo bombers in Gander

167. Black Watch Daily Diary, Gander, 1940

168. Gander's Women' Patriotic Association

169. The history of TWA (Trans World Airlines) in Gander Newfoundland

170. Local transportation in "Old Gander"

171. Allied Aviation in "Old Gander"

!72. The Midnight Meal  Mystery

173. Wartime Gander Lake

174. The many names of Gander Newfoundland

175. Rinks in Old Gander

176. Paul Bunyan in Gander

177. American Overseas Airlines in Gander

178. Gander 1940: Technical details

179.  Wonderful wartime artifact

177. Gander 1941 (Reader's Digest)

178. Welcome to Gander  - 1944

179. One of Canada's best pilots flies in Gander

180. Gander article 1938

181.  Hudson manual

182.  Radio Range Envelope 1949

183. Gander's war dogs

184. Gander Airport Pennants

185.  Amateur radio in Old Gander

186 Civilian accommodations in old Gander

187.Public Broadcasting in Old Gander

188. Gander's First Mayor

189. Neither piston nor jet

190. Schools in Old Gander

191. Early article on Ferry Command

192. Famous writer comes to Gander

193. Hidden Dangers in Old Gander

194. History of music in old Gander

195. Atlantic weather ships

196. Gander's runway extensions

Gander's Runway extensions



Trans World Airways

aids the Atlantic ferry effort